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Property Alert: Thinking about improving your pre-CGT buildings or land?

Have you taken action to improve the value of your pre-Capital Gains Tax (CGT) buildings or land ... By Brett Marshall, Partner, Fordham Business Advisors ... then the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) may want a slice of your pie. On 25 January 2017, the ATO released Taxation … Read full story

Hot Topic: Create competitive advantage…

... by protecting your IP! Do you understand the full value of assets you’ve created within your business? Be mindful that assets aren’t just physical in nature, they can also consist of intangible items you may not have fully considered ... Business value can be enhanced by … Read full story

Property Alert: Victorian property market set for shake up!

Homes for Victorians ... how will the market react? By Brett Marshall, Partner, Fordham Business Advisors Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Government recently announced a housing affordability package that will have an array of social and economic repercussions for the property market in Victoria. First home buyers From … Read full story

Tax Alert: ATO crack down on research and development

The Australian tax system has significant incentives for taxpayers who undertake research and development (R&D) activities within their business. In fact, the current tax system allows refunds of certain tax offsets to assist with business cash flow. What are eligible R&D activities? R&D activities are generally … Read full story

Hot Topic: Winning the war for talent!

Attract, retain, incentivise! Does your business rely heavily on one or more key employees who contribute to your business success? Are you worried about the effect on your business if they leave? Is your business owner proof? Understanding how to retain key employees This is a common … Read full story

Hot Topic: No will? No way!

We understand that your family and financial affairs are important to you So, in the coming months, we will be presenting a series of articles on the topic of wills and estate planning, aimed at answering all the questions you may have ... but are … Read full story

Hot Topic: How is your business tracking?

We are six months into the financial year, and the end of the calendar year is just weeks away. Where did the time go? Do you know how your business is tracking so far ... ... or, has the year become a blur? Have you spent … Read full story

Tax Alert: Super changes!

In May 2016 the Federal Treasurer, Mr Scott Morrison, handed down the 2016 Federal Budget ... ... proposing various changes to superannuation taxes and laws. These proposed changes gained much media attention and hype, and were subject to significant community debate. In fact, some of … Read full story

Tax Alert: Tax incentives for early stage investors

Innovation companies seeking to raise capital have a brand new marketing tool! Why has this incentive been introduced? This tax incentive aims to “bridge the gap” between pre-concept stage financing and the venture capital financing typically received at later stages of development. The incentive is … Read full story

Hot Topic: ASIC review of add-on insurance products

On Monday 12 September 2016 ASIC released its latest report outlining its review of the sale of add-on insurance products by motor dealers ... The report is not good news for motor dealers, made obvious from the get-go in its title – A market that … Read full story

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