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Your financial services guide

Who are we? Fordham Business Advisors Pty Ltd is a Chartered Accountant practice. We are a wholly owned specialist subsidiary of Perpetual Limited (ABN 86 000431 827) providing business owners with accounting and tax, strategy and planning and operational performance services. Financial services we provide We hold … Read full story

Business owner planning programs

Let’s face it, business is not easy! As an owner you face a myriad of challenges and opportunities every day. As Australia’s leading business owner specialist advisory firm we have a long history of helping owners just like you. We know the only way … Read full story

Franchise services

Understanding the drivers of a franchise system is not an accounting exercise ... Each franchisor must deal with a group of independently minded business owners and steer them towards a mutually successful future. This interdependency, when combined with small business, creates a challenging environment. Read … Read full story

Financing your business guide

How should you fund your business? Is your funding structure right? Right now, your bank uses tools to analyse their risk and their return from you as a client. Right now, they may have the wrong picture of your affairs and you may have the wrong … Read full story

Fringe benefits tax

Why throw money away? Do you know what your employees cost you? Do you: Provide your employees with cars? Take your employees out to dinner? Have a Christmas party? Offer salary sacrificing to your employees? Read our brochure to learn more... Download: Fringe benefits tax

Motor dealer services brochure

Why on earth would somebody become a Motor Dealer? It would have to be one of the most competitive, specialised, cut throat, tight-margined... Download: Motor Dealer Services brochure

Exit options for business owners

The best exit strategy outcomes for business owners come through careful planning and preparation ... ... and the process begins well in advance of putting up a “for sale” sign! Contact one of our Partners to further discuss all of your options!

Owner hotspot programs

Short, sharp programs designed to put the owner back on track... Download: Owner hotspot programs

Estate planning guide

Planning for the inevitable. Why do so many leave so much unresolved?  Estate planning means bringing together all of the corporate, legal, financial and personal aspects of an individual or couple's lives. We are often asked: What do you mean that all of the structures set up … Read full story

Succession planning guide

Planning is most effective when the owner is still in control Succession means different things to different business owners. Each owner faces their own issues surrounding their business, their family and their future. With proper planning and guidance, a sensible path can be developed and … Read full story

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