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Motor dealer services

Hot Topic: ASIC review of add-on insurance products

On Monday 12 September 2016 ASIC released its latest report outlining its review of the sale of add-on insurance products by motor dealers ... The report is not good news for motor dealers, made obvious from the get-go in its title – A market that … Read full story

Hot Topic: Fringe Benefits Tax …

...higher rates and more exposure As the calculation of a Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) liability is not always straightforward, we have collated some timely reminders and commentary on potential opportunities to reduce your exposure. FBT returns are required to be lodged by 23 May 2016 … Read full story

Motor Dealer Services NADA highlights breakfast briefing

Fordham Motor Dealer Services 2016 study tour to NADA Las Vegas! NADA is the largest international gathering place for franchised new vehicle dealers in the world, providing extraordinary insight into the latest ideas and technology … Read full story

Is your Used Car Manager tracking the gap?

Whether through their working knowledge of the used car market or via market analysis tools, your Used Car Manager has priced your inventory to sell. For example A potential customer finds your vehicle online and, based on the qualities of that particular vehicle and its … Read full story

FBT Ready Reckoner 2017

Your FBT solution is back ... ... designed to make the FBT process simpler, faster and more accurate! The key features of the Fordham FBT Ready Reckoner include: Easy identification of the most cost effective FBT solution for your dealership Calculation of reportable fringe benefits Multiple vehicle pools Minimal … Read full story

Hot Topic: Proposed reform of parallel imports of new cars

The Federal Government recently announced that it would look to amend the Motor Vehicle Standards Act to allow the parallel import of new motor vehicles ... ... these changes are proposed to come into effect in 2018 and will allow individuals to import new vehicles … Read full story

Motor Dealer Alert: 2015 Budget announcement!

An opportunity for small business ... and your dealership! By Neil Cahir, Associate Partner, Fordham Business Advisors The 2015 Federal Budget Government announcement that small businesses will be able to access an immediate write-off on any assets acquired (provided the asset costs … Read full story

Benchmarks for motor dealers

Every motor dealer department has been publicly scrutinised this year ... ... from the perception of new cars costing more in Australia than in other parts of the world, to the thought of allowing used car imports into the country. From ASIC’s active review … Read full story

Hot Topic

Reduction in the corporate tax rate could mean higher tax The Abbott government is keeping its election promise in reducing the corporate tax rate to 28.5% from 1 July 2015. What the government didn't explain though, is the impact this change has to the … Read full story

Hot Topic: Your budget …

... not just something for the banks! By Adrian Palone, Manager, Fordham Business Advisors It's coming up to the end of another financial year and the bank has asked for your budget. You knock one together using whatever is on hand and bump the numbers up … Read full story

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